Experience the world's most high-end equipment


        On November 6, the first International Import Expo was getting better. The medical equipment and medical care exhibition area in Hall 7 is bustling, and one piece of high-end medical equipment representing the “world's best” has earned the attention of professional audiences on the spot.
        Big head can do fine work
        Elekta Unity, the world's first high-field MR radiotherapy system, has become a star exhibit at the booth of the world-renowned radiotherapy equipment manufacturer, Swedish Medical Kodak. The “big guy” is always full of people. According to the booth staff, this is the first time that the product has appeared in Asia since its inception. Its “excellence” lies in the ingenious combination of multiple high technologies, which is a key step in the field of precision radiotherapy for cancer.
        “It integrates almost all of the advanced technologies of the company in stereotactic radiotherapy for 50 years.” According to the relevant person in charge of the medical science, Elekta Unity will be the most advanced radiation therapy accelerator, 1.5T high field strength diagnostic grade magnetic resonance system, online The software system adapted to the radiotherapy process is organically integrated on the same platform; the problem of the linear incompatibility of the linear accelerator in the magnetic resonance magnetic field is solved in the world, and the world's first solution is solved on this platform. For the first time, tumors are clearly displayed and tracked at high resolution during tumor radiotherapy, achieving precise guidance, maximally protecting normal tissues from radiation therapy damage, and timely evaluating treatment effects and adjusting treatment options.
        "Using traditional equipment for radiation therapy, patients need to insist on hernia, and this problem will be solved with it." A professional audience from the medical and health industry said that looking for a radiotherapy system with magnetic resonance function is exactly his exhibition. A key task, "Before purchasing high-end equipment, I need to inquire about it. This time I saw it at the Expo."
        The pacemaker is no bigger than the capsule
        When it comes to cardiac pacemakers, I have to mention Medtronic. As the world's first manufacturer of battery-powered portable external cardiac pacemakers, Medtronic has brought a number of advanced products during the import fair. One of the most intriguing is the world's smallest pacemaker without a fire.
        The reporter saw at the scene that the transcatheter-free wire-free pacing system, called the Medtronic MicraTM, resembles a capsule with a length similar to that of a dollar coin. According to the staff of the exhibition area, this pacemaker is 90% smaller than the traditional pacemaker and weighs only about 2 grams.
        "Capsule" pacemakers have many advantages. “First, the leadless design can reduce wire-related complications by about 50%, greatly reducing the patient's pain.” The staff said that traditional cardiac pacemakers need to put some of the electrode leads into the heart, while at the patient's skin and fascia Dig a pouch and bury some of the wires and pacemaker. "In this way, the patient will have a distinct foreign body sensation, the wound may also be infected with inflammation, and the activity of the arm will be limited. If the action is too large, the wire may be pulled out, affecting the normal operation of the machine. MicraTM The wire design solves this problem well."
        For doctors, implanting this pacemaker is easier and less time consuming. According to the staff, implanting a traditional pacemaker surgery takes about 50 minutes, a large part of which is used to make pouches. MicraTM does not require a capsular bag. There is almost no wound in the femoral vein. It is easy to stop bleeding after surgery, and the operation time is almost halved. Another major advantage over traditional cardiac pacemakers is that patients can receive 1.5T, 3.0T MRI scans after implantation of a "capsule" pacemaker.
        The world's first pediatric magnetic resonance
        Another "net red" device in the medical device and medical care exhibition area is a neonatal magnetic resonance scanner brought by Meishi Medical. “Because newborns and infants under the age of 3 are usually accompanied by problems such as breathing and life monitoring, the traditional adult magnetic resonance system cannot be used for pediatric examinations.” The staff of the exhibition area introduced the world's first pediatric magnetic resonance imaging. System, the product integrates a complete life-sustaining system, while overcoming the technical problems of small-aperture coils, metal parts entering the magnetic field, etc., can provide doctors with clear and high-resolution imaging results, and can also provide for newborns and premature babies. The environment and conditions for maintaining life indicators.
        The reporter learned that this pediatric magnetic resonance system has not been listed on a global scale, representing the most cutting-edge trends and achievements in the field. In China's "13th Five-Year Digital Diagnosis and Treatment Equipment Major Project", the research and development task of 3.0T Pediatric Magnetic Resonance has also been laid out. Currently, it is actively promoting. The professional audience in the field of medical field said that it hopes that the future local products can also have similarities. Excellent performance.